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Question 1

Which of the following is a bad idea when getting ready to show your home?

A. Cleaning your home from top to bottom.
B. Touching up paint on the doors and trim.
C. Trimming, mowing the lawn, and not watering it.
D. Inspecting the roof for broken shingles or tiles.
A well watered and groomed lawn and garden improves the look of any home. The better your home looks the more likely someone will be interested in purchasing the home.

Question 2

It is okay to hide any problems the home has from the potential buyer.

Letting the potential buyer know of any current problems with the home is a very good idea. This lets the buyer know how much of a investment the home my turn out to be. It is also a good idea because if you hide a potential problem that could become a big problem in the future the buyer could potentially cause you problems even long after the property has been sold.

Question 3

Which is better to remain in the house during a showing of your home or to leave the home?

Remain in the home during the showing.
Take you and your family out to a park or something during the showing.
If you have a realtor or agent showing your home for you then is it better to be out of the house while you are trying to sell it. This way the prospects do not feel awkward or free to speak about the house in front of you. There is no worries of hurt feelings and such.

Question 4

If you were looking at a home which of the following would probably turn you off from the potential property?

Pet smells, lingering smoke scents, and rotten trash scent.
Baking scents, cookies, cake, other confections
Neat and tidy home with gentle breezes flowing through the window.
Smells that are unpleasant will turn any prospective buyer away. When you are selling your home make sure that there is no smells that might deter a buyer away. If you have pets or smoke consider Fabreeze for all of your cloth furniture to remove the pet smell and some kind of carpet deoderizer for the carpets. This way you can spray the Fabreeze all over the furniture and courtains about an hour before the buyer comes and sprinkle the deoderizer on the carpet and vacuum it up. Maybe even have a bit of potpourri on the coffee table.

Question 5

A clean home with everything in its place has more potential to be sold than on that is not as clean or tidy.

This is true. A potential buyer is comparing your home to the many homes they are looking at. If your home is as clean as possible and everything is in working order the buyer will probably give your home more consideration than a home that is a fixer upper.

Question 6

Which of the following are not a nice touch to make your showing nice?

Leave some ice water in a glass pitcher with glasses on the kitchen table.
Set out some clean guest towels in the bathroom with some pretty guest soaps
Leaving all of your trashcans full of trash.
Leaving your windows open on nice days for a pleasant breeze to come through the window.
You should always take out the trash and fresh liners put in your trashcans. If the trash cans smell or are particularly dirty. Take the time to clean them and spray some lysol into them to reduce the smell.

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