Who Pays For the Home Inspection?

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Who should get the home inspection?

Who Pays For the Home Inspection?

The buyer of a house pays an independent inspector to assess the condition of the house they're contemplating buying. The inspector should complete the home inspection, and provide a report detailing the findings. Sometimes sellers will have a home inspection done prior to putting the house on the market, to determine if there are potential problem areas that can be fixed before the house it put up for sale. No two inspections will be exactly the same, however, so a buyer inspection may turn up issues that weren't identified by the seller's inspection.



3/14/2007 3:48:53 PM
Charles Avery said:

Here a question - what if you, as a buyer, have the inspections completed after getting an accepted offer, and then the seller decides to sell to someone else. Can you reclaim your lost inspection fees since you were acting in good faith?


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