Relocation Services

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How do I find information on properties outside my local area?

Relocation Services

Relocating to an unfamiliar area can be unsettling, so it's a good idea to work with a relocation specialist. Many real estate agencies have agents who specialize in providing relocation services, including finding temporary or permanent housing in your new community. To find a relocation specialist in the area you are moving to, check with the local real estate agent you used to purchase your existing property. Your agent may refer you to an agency at the other end or may help co-coordinate your relocation services. Another resource when relocating, assuming you are doing so for job-related reasons, is the hiring company's human resource department. If it is a medium or large company, chances are the human resources staff has given many an employee referrals to local services. For example, if you were relocating to New York City, the hiring company may refer you to the Manhattan Board of Realtors to find a relocation specialist who will comb the real estate listings to help you find a new home.



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