Negoatiating Fees

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Can I negotiate the realtor's fee?

Negoatiating Fees

Most realtors would prefer that you thing that the percentage they charge for their fee is cast in stone. As is common with any large purchase, it is, in fact, quite negotiable. Since most realtors charge similar fees, you will hear the 'you get what you pay for' argument if you try to negotiate a lower fee. The truth is, no realtor will steer a buyer away from a house they truly love for the sake of a percent or two. However, you will have the most leverage in negotiating realtor fees if you are buying and selling a home in the same community. If you list your house with a broker, and then task that broker with finding your new home as well, it's almost as though the broker is getting two commissions for the price of one. So they may be willing to deal.



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