Company Relocation Packages

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My new company is offering me a relocation package. What does that include?

Company Relocation Packages

Individuals who find themselves relocating due to a job transfer or the acceptance of a new position will usually be offered relocation services as part of their compensation package. These types of services include real estate assistance for both the home the employee might need to sell and for the one the employee plans to purchase as well as closing and escrow fees. Moving expense is another perk that is usually included. To keep everything progressing smoothly, a relocation counselor will be assigned to coordinate everything and to make certain that all of the service providers are experts in their given field. Anyone who is in the chain of service is expected to make the client feel well-cared for and confident that the move will be as stress-free as possible.
Many wonder how corporations can bear all that expense. Relocation companies work with employers and are paid hefty referrals from the service providers they partner with to handle the moves. Employees are expected to use the "partner" providers in order to obtain the benefits offered to them.



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