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Can I study for the real estate licensing exam online?

Online Real Estate Schools

You can study for your real estate licensing exam online, but you'll need to be extra disciplined. The advantage to taking a 'physical' class is that you'll need to stick to the class times and will make progress toward your goal. If you study at your own pace, as is the case with most online courses, you risk pulling an 'all nighter' the night before the exam and being too tired to focus on the big day. If you decide to take an online course, develop and stick to a study schedule to make sure you get enough learning in before the exam.

How long does it take to complete a real estate course?

Real Estate Courses

Though pre-licensing real estate courses may vary slightly from state to state, the majority of real estate agent classes cover the same territory. Designed to prepare the candidate for the licensing exam, subjects covered usually include ownership, transfer, use of property, brokerage, laws of agency, valuation, economics, and finance. In addition to these national standards, each state has specific material that is covered. Real estate agents are required to complete continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. For information on your state's specific requirements, contact your state real estate licensing board or regulatory body.

How do I find a real estate school?

Real Estate Schools

Many real estate schools offer real estate courses in a variety of topics. Most offer at least real estate licensing exam preparation courses, while others offer a full spate of continuing education courses for already licensed agents. If you want to begin studying for the real estate licensing exam, most schools offer the option of taking a multi-week course or a "crash course." Most states administer the real estate licensing exam on pre-set dates throughout the year. The crash course is usually offered the weekend before the exam for individuals who have chosen to study the course material on their own at home. To find a list of accredited real estate schools in your area, contact your state's real estate licensing board. Most maintain Web sites that include important information on licensing requirements, application forms, and local real estate schools. You can find a list of real estate regulatory agencies by state by visiting the Association fo Real Estate License Law Officials Web site.

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