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What types of relocation services do real estate agents offer?

Real Estate Agents and Relocation Services

Relocating to an unfamiliar area can be unsettling, so it's a good idea to work with a relocation specialist who offers relocation services. Many real estate agencies have agents who specialize in providing relocation services, including finding temporary or permanent housing in your new community. To find a specialist in the area you are moving to, check with the local real estate agent you used to purchase your existing property. Your agent may refer you to an agency at the other end or may help co-coordinate your moving services. Another resource when relocating, assuming you are doing so for job-related reasons, is the hiring company's human resource department. If it is a large company, chances are the human resources staff has given many an employee referrals to local services.

How do I plan my move?

Planning Your Move

Planning to relocate? Once you've finally found a home in your new community, it's time to plan your move. Your relocation company can be a big help in this regard. Many offer planning checklists, referrals to moving and storage companies and facilities, and other services to smooth your transition to your new home., a relocation service provider with agents throughout the and in 20 other countries, offers a moving check-list. These are very valuable, especially because they offer a comprehensive timeline on what needs to get done and when. Check it out, then check it off!

What special issues do I need to consider when relocating?

Special Considerations When Relocating

There are many special considerations when relocating, particularly if you are relocating with children. You should always work with an agent that specializes in relocation and providing relocation services. Larger real estate agencies have a relocation director. You can ask for a referral to a qualified relocation specialist within the agency or to another such specialist at the other end of your move. Regardless, make sure you work with a licensed professional in good standing with his or her state's real estate licensing board.

How do I find a relocation company?

Relocation Companies

Working with a qualified relocation company can mean the difference between peace of mind and losing your mind. Relocation companies can help you find qualified real estate agents. They can help you locate properties. And they can refer you to reputable moving and storage companies. A good relocation company can serve as an invaluable resource throughout your moving process. Some large employers, like Harvard University, have their own real estate and relocation management companies. If you are relocating because of your job, ask your employer if they provide relocation services or which relocation companies they can recommend.

How do I learn about the area to which I'm relocating?

Your New Community

If you are relocating, either by choice or by necessity, it has never been easier to find relocation information and on prospective communities and neighborhoods, including information on everything from local agents and property listings to community amenities. You can find relocation information at Sperling's Best Places Web site, including information on schools, crime, climate, and recreation. You should also make it a point to check out the local newspaper to learn about local issues. You can do this by reading the newspaper's Web site (even small towns have them now) or by actually subscribing to the paper. You'll receive the hard copy a few days late, but it's still a great resource.

What if I'm relocating for my job?

Relocating for Your Job

If you are being transferred by your employer, or taking a new job on the condition that relocation expenses are covered by your employer, you can take advantage of relocation services provided by your employer. Make sure you understand what your employer will and will not cover. If possible, talk to other employees who have been moved by the same company to see what their experiences were. If you hear nothing but horror stories, consider asking your employer if you can contract with your own relocation specialist and have the company foot the bill.

My new company is offering me a relocation package. What does that include?

Company Relocation Packages

Individuals who find themselves relocating due to a job transfer or the acceptance of a new position will usually be offered relocation services as part of their compensation package. These types of services include real estate assistance for both the home the employee might need to sell and for the one the employee plans to purchase as well as closing and escrow fees. Moving expense is another perk that is usually included. To keep everything progressing smoothly, a relocation counselor will be assigned to coordinate everything and to make certain that all of the service providers are experts in their given field. Anyone who is in the chain of service is expected to make the client feel well-cared for and confident that the move will be as stress-free as possible.
Many wonder how corporations can bear all that expense. Relocation companies work with employers and are paid hefty referrals from the service providers they partner with to handle the moves. Employees are expected to use the "partner" providers in order to obtain the benefits offered to them.

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