Closing Your Real Estate Sale

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How long will it be before we close on our new home?

Closing Your Real Estate Sale

You found the home of your dreams, you're packed, and now it's time to close the deal! Depending on the specific circumstances of the sellers and buyers as well as the general load on the mortgage and closing companies, it usually takes anywhere from three to eight weeks before closing on a home. In that time, you'll have a home inspection conducted, the mortgage lender will process your application, and the closing company will prepare all the closing documents, including a list of the real estate closing costs. You should have received a good faith estimate of closing costs before the actual closing. The final list of real estate closing costs cannot be calculated until just before the actual closing. Review it carefully to make sure there are no mistakes before signing your closing paperwork.



8/25/2006 8:56:49 PM
m boudreaux said:

Who is responsible for the closing cost fee, the buyer or the seller?


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