Selecting a Real Estate Agent

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We are selling our home. We don't want to use someone our friends refer. How can we select our own agent?

Selecting a Real Estate Agent

One of the best ways to select a real estate agent is to spend a Sunday afternoon viewing Open Houses in your area. By attending an Open House, you have the ability to observe the salesperson's style, personality and professionalism. Examine the hand-outs the agent has prepared to see if they are attractive and offer the proper amount of information about the home. Determine if the agent's personality is not only one that has the potential to sell the home, but if it is a personality that you will get along with, as well.
Visit a good cross-section of homes to come up with your potential list. After narrowing it down, visit their websites to see if they are fulltime professionals and if their website is more concerned with promoting themself or the homes they have listed.
Once you have two or three potentials, arrange interviews to have them give you a price opinion of your home and to describe the marketing plan they would incorporate to get your home sold.



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